Orchard Software

Hundreds of clinical laboratories across the country have turned to Orchard Software for their laboratory information systems — including all types and sizes of hospitals, reference labs, clinics, physician groups, student health centers, and public health organizations.  Orchard Software is well-known for Orchard Harvest LIS and also offers Orchard® Pathology and Orchard® Copia®.


Orchard Pathology, developed in 2005 and released to the marketplace in 2006, is a complete diagnostic information system designed to accommodate the comprehensive pathology laboratory and the future trends in integrated diagnostics. 

Orchard Pathology is used as a stand-alone system for anatomic and molecular testing or combined with Orchard® Harvest™ LIS to integrate clinical.  The shared database used by these systems provides access to the patient’s entire history and enables the consolidation of clinical results to the cytology or pathology report.  Image management tools make it easy to link digital images, annotated diagrams, and scanned documents to case worksheets and incorporate them onto patient reports. 


Pathologists can easily create ad-hoc reports without special computer programming skills. Unlike older legacy systems that do not utilize pathology specific word processing, Orchard Pathology stores report information in discrete data fields that enhance EMR integration and simplify the process to mine data for evaluations, correlation studies, quality assurance, regulatory, statistical, and many other management reports. 


Orchard Copia, Orchard’s front-end outreach and EMR integration system, was designed to work with Orchard Harvest LIS and Orchard Pathology or as an add on to existing lab systems.  Orchard Copia makes laboratories more competitive by enhancing connectivity with reference lab clients via the Internet or directly to their EMR.


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